In the show, Schwarzenegger will get his 1965 Chevy Impala all fitted up with a biodiesel engine. Why, we've never watched the show, but we hear pimping out cars with biodiesel is all the rage these days, especially with the rappers. Supposedly, 50 Cent went biodiesel and is so into the environment, he's doing a song called "Environmental Gangsta" on his next album. There's no word on whether Arnie will also request things like a fish tank in the back or a Jacuzzi in the trunk.

The show will be the first one of the season and will air conveniently enough on Earth Day.

SFGate, however, mentions that there might be more to it than Arnie going green. Apparently, the garage the show is filmed in is owned by Galpin Motors. The owners of Galpin Motors also just happen to be big donors of the Governator and the general consul is on the state's New Motor Vehicle Board.

Coincidence or not? You decide.