In this interview, Jennifer Siebel rambles on and on about how she only went to business school to please her parents ("a pattern for much of my life"), cries a lot, says she only gets "six hours of sleep a night," and, jarringly, appears to confess to having had at least some involvement in a golf cart accident at the age of 6 that killed her older sister (who was 8). Yikes! (but she says this is why she's a "nurturer" and "protector" now.)

We're not touching the golf cart revelation, but we're running a quick survey. Which of the following lines from Bumblebee Siebel's Marin IJ interview is favorite? (Beth Spotswood, for what it's worth, votes for "I ski hard.")

Note: We totally missed the "I grew up in a very beautiful, magical bubble" line (we are kicking ourselves) until it was pointed out to us by a reader, so alas, it's not included in the poll.