The recall campaign, which is spearheaded in part by one of the six candidates who ran against McGoldrick for the Board of Supes seat and lost (David Heller), is focusing primarily on McGoldrick's support for closing down car access to Golden Gate Park for Healthy Saturdays and his failure to solicit community input on adding an extra bus lane to Geary. If the recall succeeds, Mayor Newsom picks the replacement. Man, bike- and bus-lovin' SF PartyParty's gonna go about this.

The Committee To Recall Jake McGoldrick (as they're called; doesn't it sound like a bunch of people scratching their heads and being like, "Jake McGoldrick.... now who is he again?") is going to have to get 10% of Richmond registered voters to sign their petition in order to get the recall process started. That's about 3000-4000 people in the district, which is harder to get than you'd think. You may remember that Sophie Maxwell of District 10 faced a similar recall effort that fizzled out when almost 50% of the 6000 signatures gathered were found to be invalid.