We were very busy running errands dowtown this morning when we spotted a silver fox coming our way. "Damn, who that?" we said to ourselves, "Thank gawd we're wearing our cute new purple dress, and that our haircut is lookin' all sorts of fierce."

It was none other than our reporter idol, Dan Noyes! Dan immediately noticed that we were carrying our BlackBerry, and we joked about our mutual CrackBerry addiction. Unfortunately, we could not shake his hand, as we were also juggling a large cup of coffee, bottle of Naked Juice, and some change. (Yeah, we don't know why we didn't bring a purse, either.)

District 6 seems to be where it's at for BlackBerry users: we ran into our homeboy, Alex Tourk, around Union Square last Friday, talking on his BB. Alex was in good spirits, and sounded excited about his new job. He also thanked us for all the SFist love. We told him that Steve Jones at the Bay Guardian wants him to run for mayor. Alex's response: "Who would want that job?"

Image replaced to avoid hotlinking. Photo of Tina Turner's cat courtesy of the Institute for Private Dancing Studies.