The tie was red, the gel was flaky, and Fake Question Time was ON!

Big thanks to Luke Thomas for letting us use his photos! Check out even more amazing photos, and Fog City Journal's take on Fake Question Time.

Gavin Newsom was all raspy voice and bulletproof hair last night for the third Fake Question Time at Cesar Chavez Elementary in the Mission. Despite somebody's command to "Go back to Nob Hill!" Gavin asserted "I'm not going away." He's used that phrase a couple times now. Is that your campaign slogan, homie? We hope not, because you're not exactly the underdog. It's almost April and you still don't have an opponent.

Gavin spent twenty minutes outlining the Health Access Plan, which promises to cover the majority of the 82,000 San Franciscans living without healthcare. This universal health care plan will cost $200 million a year, and begins on July 1st. Gavin and Public Health Director Mitch Katz discussed the lawsuit filed by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, which received hisses and boos. By the end of the night, Gavin read through/pretended to answer about 60 questions from the audience.

Most of the dialogue during the meeting happened between and Katz and Gavin. Like the second meeting in the Bayview, Gavin read questions off the cards, and also took Q&A's from the audience. Our favorite talk-show moment occured after Gavin asked the uninsured members of the audience to raise their hands. He asked one young woman how she lives without healthcare and she replied, "I just try not to get sick."

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