So Gavin is proposing setting up community courts to help do something about those "quality of life" things. The problem being is that nothing is really done about people pissing in the streets or drunk in the streets (and Happy St. Paddy's Day too!) or offering to do all sorts of nasty things for $10. The police issue citations but nobody really faces any penalty for them.

It's looking like "quality of life" is going to be the big thing in the 2007 election, the one between Gavin and, ummm, well, umm, who knows. We sympathize with Gavin too because everytime we go home, we always hear gruff about the city. Like we're all a bunch of hippies or we beat up people for singing the National Anthem. After awhile, we just want to snap back and say "well, yeah, we're prettier than your city" or "yeah, like you have burritos." Still, it's one thing for us to do all the kvetching about the city, another for everyone else too. So, to all ya haters out there, we're so much prettier than you are.