Before we get into the Jennifer Siebel links of the day, we'd like to put a theory out there. Remember Chron writer C.W. Nevius's theory that men were upset about Newsom's behavior with Ruby Rippey-Tourk because it violated the man code? (which is, in short, don't mess around with a friend's woman.)

Well, we'd like to put forward the thought that one of the reasons why people are so angry with Ms. Siebel over her comments about her romantic rival because she violated the girl code. There are many, many manifestations of the girl code, but we'll summarize it as "always back the females." So -- if you slag another woman, or if you make excuses for a cheating male, all bets are off. C.W. Nevius, feel free to borrow this idea and make it into a post of your own!

Okay, onto the links.

SFist summary: First post from Monday, Jennifer Siebel's comment, all the comments in response, and yesterday's reactions.

--Matier and Ross report on the reaction to Siebel's comments at the HQs of both Team Rippey-Tourk and Team Newsom, and quote Eric Jaye aspirationally opining that "I think the rest of San Francisco is treating it the way people on the inside are treating it -- we're tired of hearing about it." Rippey-Tourk's rep says of Siebel, "Apparently she is just visiting this planet."

--Steven Jones at the Guardian writes a blistering piece about this latest news, in the context of the various failings of the Newsom administration -- while his partner Alix Rosenthal reposts her SFist comment on the letters page of the Chron.

After the jump: Reader blog links, a so-good-it's-freaking-us-out animated .gif, and -- we have it on good authority that we might appear in the Beth Spotswood Culture Blog column coming out later today up now! We hope we don't get edited out!