This of course is a no-no. Even Gavin's Chief of Staff, Phil Ginsberg said it was a no-no and that it won't happen again.

The big question, then, is if all of this is a case of malfeasance or incompetance. Or maybe a little bit of both. Did Alex get approval on her timesheets because she was a little bit more than her teacher's pet? Or was this all because nobody in Gavin's administration knows what's going on? Or, having done plenty of temp jobs before, was it just that nobody really cared that much about signing time sheets? We've had UPS delivery people sign our time sheets.

It also raises questions as to how many hours she really did work. All things considering, she could have come in for an hour a day, read Oh No They Didn't and go home after an hour. Nobody can really know for sure because the people who could check on it didn't check up on it.