We're not going to reprint the various repulsive reasons given why Eng hates African-Americans -- you can read those for yourself in the Chronicle article -- and we'll let people decide for themselves whether he's just an inept satirist or genuinely a racist. Local activists of all colors are uniting to decry this guy, and they've said it all much, much better than we could.

However, we will take this opportunity to reprint the first two sentences of the description on Amazon of Eng's sci-fi novel (picture of the cover to your right), and give you a link to his website, so you can read and enjoy his philosophical and sci-fi/fantasy ecritures at your leisure. Rifts in time! We're totally going to write an article called "Why We Hate Drekkenoth The Dragon King."

Rifts in time during the Middle Ages allow humans to summon powerful prehistoric beasts and future technologies in this fantastic novel about the influence of perception on reality and the role of political power on the conversion of knowledge into ideology. Under the auspices of the hominids, dragon king Drekkenoth has attempted to use knowledge to corrupt the minds of all the dragons in his kingdom but is stymied by the existence of a single source of uncorrupt knowledge: a tome of omniscience known as the Lexicon.
Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate