As reported, Jennifer Siebel sported a weird houndstooth coat at the Second Fake Question Time. At first glance, we figured that maybe the coat wasn't so bad. We love us some houndstooth. However, closer examination confirmed that, yes, Ms. Siebel made a fashion misstep. But who hasn't, right?

We decided to investigate the past sartorial choices of Gavin's sober, er, better half. (And, if the gossips are right, the future First Lady of SF!)

Here's vintage Jen at the Something's Gotta Give premiere in the first photo, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind premiere:

The black coat looks a tad matronly on Jen. And we know she's not wearing an actual coat in the other photo, but we're guessing it's some sort of wrap/blanket/shawl to keep her warm in Hollywood's frozen tundra. The clashing patterns and colors leave homegirl lookin' a hot mess, which is unfortunate because J.Sieb has the potential to be fierce.

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