Since we happen to be engaged to lead singer Daniel Phifer, we get asked what Aim Low Kid sounds like quite a lot. We usually get frustrated because their sound is pretty hard to categorize (and we're not the best with musical genres to begin with). We say, "Rock with a punk/folk/pop edge, and there's an electric violin that's sometimes switched up with a mandolin and even a musical saw!" Better yet, here's a great excerpt from 's Hiya Swanhuyser's recent description of Aim Low Kid's sound (the blurb is no longer online): "A ringing but slightly fuzzed-out lead guitar, a solid but never perky backbeat, and an overall unwillingness to let go of the best parts of emo... The songs are elegiac and sound as if pulled from a deep well..." Right on, Hiya.

Aim Low Kid are playing their album release party tomorrow night at Hotel Utah, so go check them out!

Aim Low Kid Album Release Party
Saturday, February 10 at 9pm
w/The White Thighs and The 3
at Hotel Utah
500 4th St @ Bryant

We're also doing a giveaway! Enter to win Aim Low Kid's Soundtrack for the New Depression and a T-shirt, both featuring artwork by fabulous Oakland artist Teppei Ando. Be sure to tell us your American Apparel T-shirt size!

By SFist Leanne

SF Weekly