ANYWAYS, let's take a look at all the big picture stuff out there, starting with the rumor that DiFi wanted Gavin to resign. This morning, the rumor was completly denied by DiFi's people. As to Gavin's political future, it appears other potential gubernatorial 2010 candidates are singing "oh, happy day" now that Newsom is busy self-destructing all over the place. Then there's the Republicans trying to add gas to the flames and blaming it all on Nancy Pelosi (see what happens when you elect Democrats into power-- straight people get caught having sex with people of the opposite sex as opposed to people having sex with pages). The fact that the Chron is even reporting that info is driving SFist Cedric out of his kitchen to rant about it.

As for the reaction, my, aren't we all a cynical bunch? Everybody seems to be thinking this whole thing is more PR than anything else. Maybe it's because, as a commenter said, rehab is the new black. Articles however from PR experts saying that it's the right PR move probably doesn't help nor does Ted Haggard suddenly coming out of rehab to announce he is straight again help (you can make your own jokes in the comment section below-- we're going to stay out of it). We would like to repeat the fact that Gavin's drinking has been a pretty open secret these past couple of years so maybe, just maybe, he really does need help.

Let's see, what else is there? Oh, all this is making Ken Garcia cranky again but he's always cranky. The Chron has the typical Man on the Street interviews but we've heard from good sources that most of those are written in a bar because they're such cookie cutter jobs that they can just make them up. There's also the always fun and exciting Two Cents thing which Gavinwatch says reminds them of a similar bit in the Onion. Man, that's our favorite part of the Onion. Beyond Chron, of all sites, actually praises Gavin for doing what he did and wishes that Gavin's supporters were strong enough to talk to him earlier about his problems.

If you want to good recap of the stories out there, our beloved Eve has a good wrap up on SFGate.