But that's all about to change because the idea of moving the California primary up to February is becoming more and more of a done deal.The reason is because for politicians in the state, supporters made it an offer nobody could refuse. Essentially they'll put a measure stretching out term limits so all the legislators now don't have to be worried about being termed out. Or those that are about to be termed out can get all of their reelection cards in order and run this year. There's enough time between February and June to get something together for the primaries.

The deal is so sweet that Arnie is throwing in his redistricting measure for good measure and everybody is so gaga over the whole term limit thing that they don't even care what Arnie's up to. Hell, Arnie could wear make it so that he's allowed to wear his costume from Conan the Barbarian and be served by scantily clad women wearing sheet metal and the legislature wouldn't care.

And speaking of Arnie, there's an extra benefit to him. Rumors are flying that the reason he's in favor of it is because that term limit thing applies to him too. It's entirely possible he could use these laws to his benefit and run for a third time. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

You want to know what's scary about all of this? According to MSNBC this morning, if California moves their primary to February, Iowa and New Hampshire might move theirs up to late 2007. Which means we'll have to move our primary up to get closer to Iowa and New Hampshire which will make them move theirs up earlier and the next thing you know, we'll be voting all of this in June.