Also, the grandmother of two children whose mother was killed when the tire of a cab came loose and struck the mother filed suit with the cab company, Luxor Cab. The lawsuit claims that the taxi company was negligent when they sent out a car with tires that could easily come loose. Good point. What happened was the mother, Felecia Stokes was driving southbound on 101 by Cesar Chavez when the rear tire of a cab traveling northbound got loose, flew across the center divide and struck Stokes. And yes, that's just a horrible way to go. Apparently, the cab was brought in for repairs right before the accident and obviously, was put back together rather shoddily. The grandmother is suing for damages, expenses and just general stick-it-to-em-ness.

And finally, the confirmed number of suicide related deaths off the Golden Gate Bridge for 2006 was thirty-four, however officials all say the number could definitely be higher. Officials also say that at least seventy people were talked off of jumping. Stories like this will probably increase the desire for those suicide barriers that have been discussed.