There's no Swells society column today! Sad! So we're doing a Fake Question Time By The Numbers instead.

Number of people in attendance: 200.

Number of chickens: 6.

Number of times Angela Alioto referred to "Bessie," a 94-year-old homeless woman she's befriended: 6.

Number of questions Gavin collected: 2 inches of cards (We'd estimate maybe around 100).

Number of questions Gavin read: About 10 (grouped into categories, except for our question, ).

How much it would have cost for the supervisors to attend: Given the requirements of the Brown Act, about $10,000-$15,000 to set up a "special board meeting" at the Rec Center.

Number of people trying to keep the chickens out of the meeting: 1 (Wade Crowfoot), who was forced to relent when the chickens' attorney showed up.

Number of invitations sent out by the mayor's office: 1000.

Angela Alioto's phone number, which she encourages you to call if you see any homeless person on the street in San Francisco who needs help: (415) 434-8700.

Number of dogs: 1. We're still not sure why Fiona Ma brought her spaniel puppy to the event (but it was very cute!).

Getty v. Traina: 1-1 (Trevor Traina is listed as a "philanthropist" in the Styles section today.)

After the jump, a quick summary of Newsom's proposals on homelessness, just so you don't think we weren't entirely paying attention (plus, it's an excuse for us to run more pictures that we took. Man, we love our digital camera.)

Picture of Fiona Ma at Fake Question Time, with her dog.

which he did not answer