Unfortunately, despite all the fawning attention Ms. Nancy seems to be giving to Bono, Bono didn't leave the meetings happy, saying that the new Democratic leadership weren't very helpful as they were unable to commit just a mere $1 billion to fight off all sorts of bad things in Africa. Afterwards, Bono dissed the new leadership and mentioned that nobody is willing to step up because they're too busy blaming the other side for not being able to stand up. Later, he did a little backtracking and made nice with new Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, who couldn't help but do a little crowing about meeting with the Sunglassed one. And while this political guy thinks it's a plus for the Democrats to show they're not going to go around handing money to poor people all willy-nilly like they used to do, Wonkette's having a debate about whether one could really snark on Bono because after all, he is actually doing something positive and making a difference. It's just that he won't shut up about it.