Here comes the numbers (mostly compared to 2004), according to the Mayor:
-4,800 less homeless people
-2,600 homeless individuals were put in supportive housing
-87% reduction in people claiming cash payments
-1,798 units of housing have been added
- 1,000 more units are to be built
- 1,788 individuals were reuinited with friends and family through his "hey, here's a one-way ticket out of here" plan.

As for what's left to do, Gavin cited proposed money to help families about to be evicted and housing for the "chronically homeless." On Gavin's blog, Trent Rhorer, the Executive Director of Human Services Agency also talked about finding housing for those who are encamped in Golden Gate Park.

Let's also not forget last week's announcement that he's going to crack down on chronic and very public "drunk people." As part of the program, he wants liquor stores, especially in the Tenderloin, to not sell alcohol between 6-9 in the morning which sound pretty darn reasonable, actually, although as SFist is a Jager fueled endeavor, we'll have to remember to buy our Jager the night before now.

Of course, there's any number of anecdotal evidence out there saying things aren't getting better. There's also anecdotal evidence (mainly us) saying that something has changed lately as we've seen a whole bunch of people being arrested/cared for by the police and medical people lately. And there are also plenty of people who think what the Haight needs is more homeless kids or make completely confusing and totally meandering comparisons between the war in Iraq and the homeless situation.

But those are the numbers and well, numbers don't lie. Well, sometimes.