Before heading out to the SF Youth Orchestra's holiday concert this afternoon, we grabbed brunch at new trendy Mission bistro Weird Fish.

Weird Fish is a combination seafood/vegan restaurant at 18th and Mission -- and the fish isn't really that weird. For brunch, there were shrimp, tilapia, catfish, and crab options, along with an oyster, mushroom, and spinach scramble, which is what we ended up deciding on. (We didn't go vegan, but you could substitute tofu for fish in any dish, and they had vegan sausage as well.) The food was good, the waitstaff friendly, and the clientele hipster -- what's not to love?

We then caught a 49 bus right outside the restaurant and zipped on over to Symphony Hall, where we grouped the attendees into two classes: Baby's First Concert and Sulky Siblings Of Youth Symphony Members. We and our companion were probably the only people there without kids.

After the jump: No Vanessa Getty, a claymation YouTube clip of Peter and the Wolf, and a picture of our oyster/spinach scramble! (We just got our first digital camera.)

Picture of the fish poster inside Weird Fish, by us! Miss you, Ced!

Peter and the Wolf