* Green Bay vs. San Francisco
Sunday, December 10, 2006. 1:15 PM, PST.
Week 14
The Battle Of Brett's Retirement Tour

It doesn't matter that QB Brett Favre is a hero, plays like he loooves the game, is an uncriticizable Maya Angelou-grade national hero -- choosing not to retire and coming for another season to play quarterback for the Packers stunted the Green Bay franchise's growth by a year.

Of course, Green Bay couldn't say no when Farve said he wanted to come back. By choosing to come back in his waning capacity, Brett specifically made the decision that was against the greater good of the team.

Now he's like a band touring the county fair circuit, trading on the glory of past successes for one last callow swing across the country. Or Cher. Brett Farve is the American football Cher.

By coming back for 2006, Farve knowingly weakened his team's future. First round pick Cal alum Aaron Rodgers could have used 2006 as the year to take his lumps and learn how to be a starting NFL quarterback. The team is undergoing changeover, with former 49er offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy now the Green Bay Head Coach. We have no idea how McCarthy got the job in Green Bay, since he presided over a 2005 49er offense that was utter unadaptive crap. Guess somebody saw something they liked.