James and Kati Kim, along with their two daughters Sabine and Penelope, drove to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with James's family. The Kims were scheduled to be in southern Oregon last Saturday night, and had called the inn where they had reserved rooms and asked for a key to be left at the front desk. They never picked it up.

Their friends became worried when James and Kati failed to show up for work on Monday -- James is a senior editor and blogger at CNET, and Kati manages the family's two stores (Doe, a clothing store in the Lower Haight, and the Church Street Apothecary). People are hoping maybe they just got caught in some bad weather and haven't been able to use their cell phones.

The Kims are in a 2005 silver Saab station wagon with the license plate DOESF. Call Inspector Angela Martin at (415) 558-5508 if you have any information. The Oregon authorities have announced that they're narrowing their search to Oregon Highway 38 as the most likely place to look.

Update: As of 1:30 p.m., the SFPD is reporting that there are helicopters searching the coastal area and the weather is clear.