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* San Francisco vs. New Orleans
Sunday, December 3, 2006. 10:00 AM, PST.
Week 13
Battle Of The Resurgent

Last season, both the Saints and the Niners were considered doormat teams. New Orleans did poorly enough to garner the #2 overall pick in the 2006 draft, which became USC's hyper-agile RB Reggie Bush.

As of this wknd, the Saints are atop the NFC South standings, and the Niners... well, they're doing well enough to disappoint by losing games that they should have won. But even games that they should win is an improvement over last season! What a luxury!

So, this year them Saints sure have been doing well under n00b/rookie Head Coach Sean Payton. Their offense has been putting up hilarrrrious numbers.

For example, the net offensive yardage for the Saints' last three games looks like this: 427 @ ATL; 595 vs CIN; 517 @ PIT. Yow.

The Saints have the #1 yards-per-game offense in the league! #1 in passing, too.

With an unheralded offensive line, how're they getting this done with just-had-surgery-on-his-throwing-shoulder-in-the-offseason QB Drew Brees at the controls?