Monday night's show at Café Du Nord was evidence that San Francisco loves Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos. This makes those of us from their hometown of Indianapolis quite proud, especially considering how dauntingly aloof San Francisco audiences can often be.

We always knew guitarist Andy Fry would make it big, and when he got together with prodigy singer/songwriter and guitarist Richard Edwards, it was apparent fate was in the making. They brought in Andy’s brother Chris Fry on drums, Tyler Watkins on bass, Emily Watkins on vocals and keyboards, and Jesse Lee on cello and vocals, and they performed their very first show in Indianapolis in December 2004, which blew us all away. We knew it was only a matter of time for their folky/poppy, Bright Eyes-esque sound to take off, and when Rubert Glover came in on trumpet and Casey Tennis on percussion/pep squad, we all became absolutely obsessed. They’ve recently added Erik Kang on violin and lap-steel as well.

SFist Leanne contributing