Where's Rakim to cut Aaron Peskin's single? The progressively-aligned District 3 representative is widely expected to win another term as the president of the Board of Supervisors in the wake of Newsom's Election Day defeat at the polls (whether Newson chooses to see it as such or not).

Even the moderate members of the board agree -- Bevan Dufty thinks Peskin's doing a great job, and even the most-moderate supe Sean Elsbernd (until Ed Jew shows up in January) had this to say:

Can a guy run a meeting? Can he shut people up when they need to shut up? Can he let people talk when they need to talk? He shuts me up when I need to be shut up. He shuts (Supervisor) Chris (Daly) up when he needs to shut up.

Like we needed the "paren Daly close paren" to know who Elsbernd was talking about!

That's not to say Peskin doesn't have detractors: developers in North Beach complain that he's closed-minded about new construction projects and favors certain people and his district over the interests of the entire city. But in terms of being able to run the board, people think he's doing a good job. Here's Ross Mirkarimi (say it in the bass Ross voice!):

I believe Aaron is a very savvy operator and has an artistic knack for knowing how to herd cats.

Well, that's certainly a skill to have!

This picture of Aaron Peskin at Bike To Work Day 2005 from the sfbike.org website is awesome.