The editorial, predominately displayed on the Examiner's getting-better-but still crappy web site basically says that Gavin hasn't even begun to make this city safe enough and probably never will due to problems he's been having with the SFPD (although he cannot be having that many issues with them as they have yet to make a t-shirt about him). Bruzzone also mentions Gavin's famous pledge not to run again if he can't stop the violence and well, look for that to be the "Read My Lips" quote of the 2007 Mayoral race.

Bruzzone hosts the show "San Francisco /Unscripted" that shows up on Comcast every weekend with that cool black background and Dick Cavett vibe (both SFist Jackson and SFist Eve were on the show) and is an admitted Republican. A real Republican to, not one of those people called Republican because they're to the right of Trotsky. He has sway over certain types in the city and shows that Gavin might be vulnerable to his right as well as to his left. Of course, this could make Gavin the "just right" candidate but those big on the quality of life issues are being disenchanted with someone who came to be Mayor partly on quality of life issues.

Happy Monday, Mayor McDreamy.