But there's also some techy news to this story too as Cisco, the company which owns the property the proposed stadium will be built, plans to go all Cypberpunk on the stadium, turning it into a veritable CyberPark (thank you, we'll be here all night).

Planned are those new fangled cell phone chips that will be used like tickets. This is just like the thing mentioned for BART. Also mentioned is some sort of laptop type thingamabobber that will allow fans to see instant replay and have digital scorecards. There will also be these digital ads that change depending on the buying habits of the person walking by. Yes, if that sounds kind of scary and a little "Minority Report-ish" you would be correct. And yes, the idea that some chip on a cell phone could determine which kind of advertising we would be into would be scary. We have enough problems with resisting hot dogs and beer at games without it being constantly thrown back at us in the form of ads. And not so cool but still de rigueur these days are WiFi throughout so the stat heads can constantly stat it up.

All of which sounds kind of cool and all that, but does anyone really go to baseball games for the techiness of it all? Isn't that kind of antithetical to the "poetry of baseball?" We mean, the line says "there was no joy in Mudville" not "Mudville was instantly dissatisfied and posted Worst. At bat. Ever on their built-in stadium laptops.