We can't read about Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity without getting all misty-eyed. Back in 2004, the gaming website (spurred by the misconception that videogamers are violence-addicted jerks) created a big awesome geeky giftathon: they united their gigantic community of gamers to donate tons of games to kids in hospitals. It was a huge success -- for crying out loud, just try to read those testimonials from grateful parents without, you know, crying out loud.

Since their mind-blowingly successful first year, they've been adding new hospitals to their network -- and a tipster at Wired just pointed out to us that Children's Hospital in Oakland is the latest addition. Children's Hospital has a huge wishlist for the kids, with items ranging from books for four dollars to gameboys for a little over a hundred. Last year, Child's Play raised over $600,000, and with no admin costs or overhead, 100% went to the kids. Gah, we're starting to get all choked up again -- go, donate, put up banners; go save the world one Nintendog at a time.