Remember last year when they did the ski-jump in Pac Heights and there was some big fracas because some politically connected lady was having her reception nearby and it could ruin her wedding? But they did it anyways after a compromise was struck? Well, the Icer Air thing is happening again this weekend, except at Mays Field (that's AT&T Park) this Saturday. Which means there'll be ski jumps and DMX tricks and wakeboarding thrills and IT'LL BE EXTREME, dude!!!!!!!!!

Okay, in all seriousness, we are not the most Extreme dudes out there. In fact, lately the most exciting thing we've done is finding a new way to get to work. But this? This sounds really fun. It's one thing to watch all this stuff on TV, another to see it live. And while the Phonebooth might not be up there with Pac Heights in terms of cool settings, the Phonebooth could definitely work. As anyone who has been there knows, good views can be had. And it won't interrupt someone's wedding.

For those also interested, there will be a post-Icer party that night. You could get a chance to party with Johnny Moseley AND Tony Hawk. Who doesn't want to do that? Well, actually we're not sure they'll be there but we do know they will be there on Saturday.

So get stoked on the beginning of ski season, buy some new equipment, and see what AT&T Park looks covered in fresh pow-powe. Tickets are still available.

Oh, and if you're looking for a reason to get stoked on it, just check out the YouTube clip.