Despite our apprehension at having done so, we think it's really cool that there is good, quality local programming available in our area. A sort of televised equivalent of SFist, no? And of these great local shows (Josh Kornbluth, Bay Area Backroads, etc.), is definitely our favorite. Three different guests talking--or arguing--every week about three different restaurants under the watchful moderation of lovely host Leslie Sbrocco.

We thought we'd put here in writing some of the FAQs that friends and family have asked us since learning of our impending broadcast debut:

1) How'd you get on the show?

Just went to the Web site, filled out a form, utilized our superb writing skills, and was called by the show's producer shortly thereafter. Okay, maybe it helped that our timing was good; they were actively looking for season 2 participants at that time.

2) Is the wine real? Are people really drinking on the set of Check Please!?

Indeed it is, and indeed they are are -- but not overmuch during taping. For one thing, who wants "red wine-lips" on TV? (Crap, $10 says we end up having wine-lips). Secondly, most of the drinking is out of the way by the time you get onto the set. We're gluttonish, to be sure, but we'd consumed at least a bottle's worth by that time, if not more; we're reasonably certain our co-guests did some good imbibing as well.

Seems libations are a decent way to relieve tension and get people talking. Go figure.

FAQ continues post-jump:

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