Yay, Civic Center Mike's back from Palm Springs! And what should he stumble upon while wheeling his suitcases out of the BART station but Bill Clinton's Yes on 87 Rally! (87 is the tax the oil companies for alternative energy proposition. Yes arguments here, No arguments here.)

You have to check out Mike's post from the scene, it's . Here's some of our favorite Mike-style zingers (we're leaving a bunch of them for you to discover on your own!)

--"An emcee announced all the excitement that was to ensue, including performances by famous musicians and speeches from famous politicians. Any excitement in the crowd was soon deflated by the first speaker, Phil Ting, who is running for re-election as Assessor of San Francisco." Oh, poor Phil.

--"Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer for the "alternative" rock band Third Eye Blind was next onstage and his acoustic performance was simply dreadful with each dull song sounding the same."

--...."then we listened to "Desperate Housewives" co-star Eva Longoria give an impassioned speech in English and Spanish about why we should vote Yes on Proposition 87. 'Is Gavin having sex with her too?' somebody in the crowd wanted to know."

Ha! Welcome home, Mike!

And oh yes, before we forget! Does anyone else have Bill Clinton sightings around town to report? Tell us! Also, we have reports that Republican Brittanie Mountz was seen at the event too, but left before Bill showed up. With Gavin? Let us know if you've got the word.

All pictures by SFMike. Check out some of the others after the jump -- though our captions are not nearly as funny as his.