Chris’s band, The Curtains, has a new album out which you can check out here. Even if you’ve never heard of Chris, or The Curtains, you’ve likely heard of local favorites, Deefhoof, which Chris was a long time member of. In addition to making great music, Chris also has excellent taste in taquerias and movies filmed in the area as well as keen insight into Crockett, CA and its environs. Not bad for someone oringially from LA.

Best show you've ever played and what made it great?
"Brown Bag lunch concert" Mirman Elementary School 1982 solo drum and vocal version of "A Day in the Life" - awesome lunch my dad packed me.

Best venue in the world?
The Warehouse Cafe in Port Costa, CA

Best fans in the world?
You're assuming a lot there

What's your favorite song to perform?
Least favorite - free form improv

Favorite collaborators?
The curtain

Lamest request from the crowd?
No one requests anything