According to Sunday's Matier and Ross (posted on the 'Gate Saturday evening, which is why this is going up now), the Chron did some investigating and has confirmed that, based on her voter registration forms in Sonoma County, Brittanie Mountz's birthday is Sept. 17, 1986, making her 20 years old as of three weeks ago. 1986! The Beastie Boys' came out in 1986! (Also, and possibly more damning, Brittanie Mountz is a registered Republican. Ooooooh.)

Anyhow, so Cecilia Vega asked the mayor if he had been drinking with Ms. Mountz at the Westfield Mall opening, based on some pictures she'd seen from the event at (The pictures of Brittanie with a wine glass have since been taken down from the site.) Gavin then blew a gasket, telling reporters on Friday, "I've got to deal with all kinds of terrible calls from reporters doing horrible things that are mean-spirited."

However, spin doctor and mayoral spokesperson Peter Ragone is now saying as follows:

Brittanie is a friend of the mayor's. They did not attend the Bloomingdale's event together. Obviously there has been some uncertainty about her age. However, given what The Chronicle has dug up on her, if she was in fact drinking, that is a mistake.

Ragone also says that Gavin has never plied Brittanie with alcohol, and Gavin has no knowledge about whether or not Brittanie's ever drunk underage. "If she was drinking, the mayor didn't notice." You never know -- maybe it was sparkling apple cider she was having!

Update: An eagle-eyed reader of both SFist and the Nob Hill Gazette has found a picture of Brit with a wine glass.
Picture of Mountz courtesy of Drew Altizer,

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