Quick note on todays ALCS game-- the game is scheduled to start around 1:30 PST. The reason MLB is giving is because it's supposed to, yes, snow late Friday night and they'd like to get the game in before winter hits. The not quite said reason is because the Mets/Cardinals have to make up their rained out Game 1 and Fox would rather show the Mets/Cardinals game in prime time than the A's/Tigers game.

Okay, yes, the A's are getting the shaft. Again. And yes, it's vaunted East Coast bias. Again. But the other option was to have both games play at the same time and shunt one of those games to F/X. Better a day game than being shunted to the channel of "Nip/Tuck" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Well, we like those shows but there's that stigma of being pushed aside and thrown from network TV to basic cable.

Truth is, we kind of like playoff day games. No, you can't watch most of the game (stupid work) but there's something cool about it. And not in that romanticized way all the old-timers get when they talk about about day games. We think it's kind of fun because you have to work at it to pay attention to the game. It makes it an active thing. You have to bring in a radio to work, or run some web site on your computer, or set up a special server to get the live feed. Or you just take really long lunches at bars (always a good thing to do). Plus, there's the vicarious thrill of doing something you might not necessarily should be doing.

In other words, we kind of dig on it being a day game.