Best venue in the world?
Glasgow Barrowlands.

Best fans in the world?
The Scottish.

You’ve said that the greatest fans are in Scotland, yet you named your album SWITZERLAND. Please explain.
Doesn’t have anything to do with people who see our band. We wanted to name the album after a place we’d never been.

So have you been yet?
No, not yet. It hasn’t worked out. We’re an American Band we tour America first... maybe in 2007 the Swiss will wake up and smell coffee

Which of your songs is destined to become the next San Francisco theme song?
Boy or Girl

When you walk through the streets of San Francisco hard time telling who is what. And that’s the way I like it for the record.

How often do you eat at Taco Bell?
NEVER! I had a job in 1990. My job was to go around the country and do lighting maintenance work at Taco Bells, replacing fluorescent lights in Taco bells. On way out they’d say “have a seven layer burrito”. Sooner or later you never want to eat there.

So Fire in the Disco has nothing to do with a fantasy about burning down a Taco Bell?
Really, that is a song about nothing. It has nothing to do with Taco Bell. It is a song about nothing.