Strangely enough, word is also getting out there that Amos is on the payroll of the Governor as a political consultant. wouldn't, not even possible.

Brown is saying that he's changed his opinion of the Governor and that his election would be better for the African American community than the election of Angelides. Schwarzenegger has been doing outreach kind of stuff and is a big supporter of education in the inner cities. Brown points out that several other African American community leaders are also supporting Arnie and accused Angelides of not making an effort to reach out to African-American voters, forgetting that Angelides has not been making much of an effort to reach any voters. As for him being on the payroll of the Governor, it's not illegal although a tad cheesy. But then again, members of the clergy staying out of politics is last century.

Brown's always been a bit of a loose cannon. In 1996 Willie Brown appointed him to the SF Board of Supervisors, much to the joy of progressives who thought he'd be one of them. He wasn't. In fact, he usually did whatever Willie told him to do and got put on notice by the progressives for even going after homeless people. He also proposed giving all the homeless a shopping cart and then create special parking places for the homeless to park their carts. In 2000, Gerardo Sandoval defeated him in what was seen as a blow against anything Willie. Oh, and apparently, he's obsessed with feces but then again, aren't we all.