Yes, folks, it's true -- the floppy-haired Matt Gonzalez look sported by Mayor Gavin Newsom was for one day only. Awwwwwww! We're back to the swept-back, visible-comb-lines-through-the-front (scroll down), crunchy-gelled 'do you all know and love. Tipsters all over town (at press conferences, Project Homeless Connect activities, Claire's Boutique at the mall) confirm these reports. Probably the bangs were getting in his eyes.

Keep checking in with SFist for all the latest mayoral tonsorial (we had to look it up) developments!

[This is unrelated, except for the fact that this was the reason why he got photographed back on the gel, but does anyone else think it's weird that after Gavin dates Sofia Milos, he launches a Cold Case team for the SFPD that Heather Fong says was in response to the CSI TV shows? Will there be an official women's lacrosse team or reality TV show for the city next?]

Thanks to our tipsters for passing the word along!