Our 49ers were destroyed by the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 41-0. At least now The Raider Nation has something to gloat about. It was the most complete loss by the Niners in recent memory. And the worst part was how dispassionate the Chiefs seemed as they went about their business of rackin' up the points. Almost a soft dictation of game tempo. A laugh here or there on the sideline, but the KC team was merely getting things done. No big deal to them.

Our Niners, to their credit, kept trying. There was no overt give-up or hanging heads even in the darkest times. That is to Coach Nolan's credit. What is not to his credit were the huge amount of broken plays, missed assignments, and the utter failure of the defense to reach KC's fearsome QB Damon Huard.

By SFist Christopher Rogers for "American Football Spectacular," contributing

Forty-one to nothing!