Dust off your dancing shoes, San Francisco! You DO have dancing shoes, don't you? No, your galoshes don't count. Wait, have you been wearing those since Folsom? Eww.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, this Saturday, at 8pm on the Van Ness side of City Hall, a gaggle of frolickers plan to converge and dance. (Backup location: Patricia's/Hayes Green.)It's Flashdance Four, a temporary party hosted by local flashmobby gadfly Amandeep Jawa. He brings speakers and turntables (well, a laptop); it's up to the coalescing crowd of strangers to bring the dancing. Enough out of us, though -- let's hear what's up with Amandeep:

So... what on Earth are you doing?

With my flashdances? Well a bunch of things:
- Trying to leave things better than I found them...
- Getting to play DJ... and dance to stuff I want to dance to.
- Bringing people together
- Proving what kind of fun you can only have in dense urban spaces!
- Shakin' my ass.