Or maybe she's trying to get in with the hipster crowd here in ole SF, the kind of crowd who'd probably be more into congressional representatives who dance to Taiko drums than congressional representatives who raise gobs load of money for their political party. Now they can be cool and rock the ironic trucker hat while supporting our wannabe Speaker of the House at the same time. But would hipsters wear a trucker hat for somebody as uncool as the House Minority Leader? Don't think so. Unless, of course, hipsters would wear it because it's doubly ironic-- you know like wearing a trucker hat with a Lynard Skynard logo or Charlie Daniels Band logo on it. An uncool hat supporting an uncool politician is probably the height of fashion these days. So maybe they would wear it then, although not for the reasons Nancy thinks they'll wear them. Unless, of course, her campaign team is so hip and with it, they know that hipsters would be more likely to wear it if it was doubly ironic.

Uh, trying to figure out hipster irony semiotics is making our heads hurt. And besides, aren't trucker hats so 2004?