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Woman: "Can I get you something from the corner store? I'm running in."
Female friend (flustered): "A rich man."
Woman: "...a winning lottery ticket?"
Female friend: "No, just a rich old man with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel."
--From Sasha/Outside Katia's Russian Tea Room

"I'm drunk as FUCK, but I'm STILL responsible!"
--From Edward/Outside McDonald's at Haight and Stanyan

Petite gothy chick: "So I was heading home on the 38 once, and the front of the bus was jam-packed with people, and the back was totally empty..."
Large African-American man: "What was it, a Mr. Stinky Man?"
PGC: "No, not a Mr. Stinky Man -- a seat was FILLED with blood. FRESH blood!"
--From Rita