at San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
Hell yeah, we'd trek all the way to San Jose to see Molly Ringwald! What self-respecting John Hughes-fanatic/thirty-something would pass that one up? Well, Molly's come a long way since the '80s (haven't we all?), playing on stages here and in Europe, and even making a film in French during her time living in France. And now she's kicking off the national tour of Sweet Charity at American Musical Theatre of San Jose, playing the unluckiest romantic in New York City. We actually got to interview Molly as part of our day job (she's super sweet), and she told us that she just loves the Fellini film the musical's based on. So we Netflixed it. Uh, the musical's probably a lot more fun.
Playing September 19 through October 1

The God of Hell at Magic Theatre
Playwright Sam Shepard got his start at the Magic Theatre back in the late '70s, and he's since put the theater company on the map. He's pretty much its claim to fame, which was renewed in 2000 when Shepard dusted off an old play, The Late Henry Moss, for the company. The play wasn't great, but it starred Sean Penn, Woody Harrelson, Nick Nolte and Cheech Marin, who were the subject of many a theater insiders' rumors. (One classic involved Sean Penn, a crowbar and his dressing room.) The production also prompted a behind-the-scenes film. But we digress. God of Hell is a more recent play, one of many political plays that emerged around the last presidential election. Shepard clearly skewers the current administration in the piece, calling the play a "a takeoff on Republican fascism," and hoped it would have some affect on the voters. Can't imagine there were a heck of a lot of Republicans at the world premiere in Greenwich Village. Can't imagine there are a heck of a lot more here in SF, but hey, even the choir needs some preaching, or at least some catharsis.
Playing September 23 through October 22

A total glamour shot of Molly Ringwald by Andrew Eccles.

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Sweet Charity