Ray Liotta is another. His heist drama "Smith" premieres tonight on CBS at 10 p.m. If you have hopes that this heist series will do more for the genre than last season's "Heist" and "Thief" did, you'll probably be disappointed. "Smith" is a by-the-book heist show, with Liotta as the head of a gang of crooks that include a (psychopathic) marksman ("The Guardian"'s Simon Baker), a cute blonde who's good with fake IDs (Amy Smart) and Jonny Lee Miller (still not entirely sure what his role is, except to be bitter about having to do time for the gang). There are other gang members in there, but you get the point. Perhaps the most interesting casting choice was giving Shohreh Aghdashloo the Head Honcho role, the person with the real power because she's the person who gets the gang their jobs, and gives the gang their money. Her character also has some ties to Liotta's Bobby that are unclear, but apparently personal. Also featured in a role that will hopefully get juicier as the series moves ahead is Virginia Madsen as Bobby's wife, who is probably not as in-the-dark about his shady work as she appears to be, and who has some secrets of her own.