So, here's how we think it'll play out.

In this preview, each division's teams are ranked in order of their predicted finish from first to last. Then, musical acts from each NFL team's area are presented in the same order. The AFC North is looking particularly this season.

And you? Your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Baroo? That's what the comment section is for. Come talk to me. We can work this out.

Please note, there will only be bands from New Jersey representing the "New York" franchises due to the NJ location of Giants Stadium at The Meadowlands. Simple as that.

All predictions are guaranteed by American Football Spectacular to have been made with the best of intentions, and no real surety. Indeed, that's the beautiful part -- that's why we play the games. Ahhh, football. Proceed after the jump.

By SFist Christopher Rogers, contributing