Since the WB and UPN have merged to create the CW (all country and western music, all the time!) many former affiliate stations are adopting Fox's new network, MyNetworkTV. (Why KRON 4, which was neither a UPN or a WB affiliate, is adopting this new network remains a little perplexing.) The programming on this new network is apparently being modeled after the popular Latin American programming found on such stations as Telemundo, specifically, telenovelas. Hence we have such nightly soaps as "Fashion House" starring Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild, and "Desire" starring people a lot younger than Bo and Morgan, (including former mayoral flame Sofia Milos!) What makes telenovelas different from the usual soaps is they aren't open-ended, and the series on MyNetwork TV look to be concluding after 13 weeks, after which new "stories" will take their place.

We've got enough new shows coming at us in the next month, we don't think we can devote the time needed to watch these new nightly programs, so thankfully, on Saturday nights--a virtual TV wasteland that no network can seem to be bothered with programming--MyNetwork TV plans to air hour-long weekly recaps! We love that idea. Why can't daily soaps like "Passions" have weekend recaps?