There really aren’t that many better ways to spend an evening. The show posed the question: which is better, words or music? We aren’t any closer to answering that for you after Monday’s stellar line-up. The highlights of our evening included the collages of Alex, a student from 826 NY, who threw another profound question our way: "What happens when a peanut marries a gingerbread man?"; hugs from Dave Eggers and Sarah Vowell’s buddy punches; Aimee Mann’s acoustic version of “High on Sunday 51;” and the absolutely hilarious reading by Vowell and Oswalt from one of Vowell’s funny historical stories about a crabby German cartographer.


826, founded by Dave Eggers, opened its doors in our very own SF in 2002 at 826 Valencia, and has been buzzing with volunteers and students ever since. Its aim is to help students from 8-18 develop their writing skills, and it offers an ever-expanding array of programs -- drop-in tutoring is just one of them. We’ve spent some of our weekends tutoring at 826 Valencia over the past few years, and were amazed to learn on Monday that we’re among 1100 other Bay Area tutors. If you’re interested, 826 always welcomes new tutors, and they’re searching for tutors for their recently-opened 826 L.A. if you have any friends there.

SFist Wendy, contributing