Look, we love the 90s as much as anyone. We loved the Smashing Pumpkins and the whole grunge thing and we loved Pubic Enemy and watching "BH 9'er" and "Melrose Place" back-to-back and we loved being in our twenties and partying all night in our tiny apartment in North Beach and actually being able to dream of a Democratic President. But as much as we love the idea of those days, we also realize we can't go back to them. Among other things, it's pretty much near impossible as we don't have a space ship we can slingshot around the sun with. And second of all, we're old enough to realize that, as a wise man once said, you can't go home again.

Which brings us back to the Warriors who this morning fired Mike Montgomery and re-hired Don Nelson. That Don Nelson. You know, crazy, eccentric, mad-genius basketball coach known for employing smallish lineups with an emphasis on scoring and well-known inability to go anywhere in the playoffs. That Don Nelson. The Don Nelson who helmed the last hey-day of the Warriors, the RUN-TMC Warriors. The one who accidentally started the whole free-fall downfall of the franchise when he got into it with Chris Webber. And yes, the one who coached the Mavs and couldn't take them to the Finals until he retired and handed the team over to Avery Johnson.

This has to be considered a bit of a shock and that's an understatement. Nelson seemed to be happily enjoying his retirement in Hawaii and going to the Oscars with Mark Cuban. And Mully seemed to be happy with Montgomery. Then there were all those Larry Brown rumors out there (say this for Larry, his teams do make it to the Finals). This is probably the last thing anyone expected. But on the other hand, Mullin seems to be kind of building a Warriors team that resembles Run-TMC as if it's the only style of play he knows.

Has anyone checked the water around here lately because something seems to be going around.