Barb Traub has been going to Burning Man for a long time. Her book, Desert to Dream: A Decade of Burning Man Photography, chronicles a changing festival over the last decade. If you need some visuals to jog your memory of festivals past or won’t be able to attend this year, her book provides a visual exploration of Burning Man, which after all, began as an art exhibition, of sorts. In her interview with SFist, Barb provides insights to the festival and the bay area.

What is the most incredible thing you've seen at Burning Man?
A hail storm that appeared in the shape of a mushroom cloud followed by a triple rainbow.

What year was the best and why?
1997 - close proximity to the hot springs

Who would you most like to see become an attendee?
President Bush

Who is the most surprising person you’ve seen there?
A movie actor

Why should people who have never been go?
It can be a life changing experience.

Any tips for first timers?
Leave no trace