As an extra bonus We Read The Weeklies feature this week, we present: The Best of the Bay 2006 party pics -- by the numbers.

Total number of people pictured: 56 (not counting the big picture of all winners).

Minority count: 10 (approx. 20%).

Number of people whose names we recognize: 2 (Bruce Brugmann, and the guy in the banana suit for the Fruit Guys, who introduced himself to us at the party.)

Getty v. Traina: Nil-nil. (Gavin was busy that night.)

Stanlee Gatti mentions: 0.

Number of hats: 13.

Number of people with visible facial makeup: 8.

Number of people not wearing shirts: 8.

Number of pictures which look to us like the photo subjects were engaged in mock sexual activity, but were then artfully cropped by the Guardian's photo department to look less obscene: 1 (of Demetri and Andy, from the Folsom Street Fair).

Picture of Bruce Brugmann and Kielbasa courtesy of Kielbasa