at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
This is our pick for most anticipated show of the season, and the season's barely started. This multimedia performance by The Builders Association and dbox played last weekend at San Jose's ZeroOne and opens YBCA's season next week (get tickets now, it's a short run). While most theater has lagged behind the technology curve, New York's Builders Association has been "exploiting the richness of contemporary technologies to extend the boundaries of theater" since at least 1994 and its partner dbox "explores the intersection of visual arts and architecture through 3D digital media." (We lifted the quoted text directly from Super Vision's site because we couldn't have said it any better.) The show explores the notion of "data bodies," perhaps best explained as our online selves as opposed to our physical selves, and follows three narratives from the datasphere. So unplug from your laptop and plug into Super Vision; it'll appear that you've actually stepped into a play, but don't worry, it won't feel that way.
Playing August 17 through 19

Love, Sex, Death and Art at New Conservatory Theatre Center
Annie Sprinkle, the infamous prostitute/porn star turned PhD sexologist, who most notably pissed off the NEA back in the 1980s, is back in town. This time she brings along partner Elizabeth Stephens for a performance art piece about their relationship, laden with topics like artificial insemination, queer weddings and art experiments, to counter the current anti-gay marriage sentiment. (Technology note: NCTC's site isn't Firefox friendly, so use some other browser to check it out. Maturity alert: There's nudity in this show. Of course.)
Playing August 10 through 27

Talk Is Cheap…Dreams Are Priceless at Magic Theatre
You theater geeks won't want to miss this solo show about the famed Sanford Meisner, acting guru, performed by one of the few people Meisner passed his teaching technique's to, Jim Jarrett. In fact, this show is culled from Jarrett's class notes, some 15 notebooks of them, and inspires all (even those who aren't theater geeks) to follow their dreams.
Playing August 8 through 27

Photo from Super Vision from its site.

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