* Picked round 7, pick 47; 455 overall / Kevin McMahan / WR / Maine / 6'2" / 196 / "Mr. Irrelevant"
* Picked round 7, pick 6; 214 overall / Chris Morris / C / Michigan State / 6'4" / 305 / "The Heady Snapper"
* Picked round 6, pick 7; 176 overall / Kevin Boothe / OL / Cornell / 6'4" / 327 / "The Ivy League Hotelier"

Story: Cornell? Cornell! That's right, an Ivy League Raider. Considered a raw recruit drafted on merit of his physical stats. Played guard and tackle.

“Playing in the NFL, I've always dreamed of that," Boothe said to
the Ithaca Journal, “This is what I love to do. I love football.”

Boothe also loves the hoteling industry, attending Cornell for their prestigious School of Hotel Administration, and working the Summer of 2004 at the Hard Rock Hotel in South Florida.

"[Cornell is] the only school where you can learn the classics in the morning and learn how to milk a cow in the afternoon, as University President Dale Corson once put it," said American Football Spectacular's Cornell correspondent John Miller, who attended their law school between 1960 and 1963. That is to say, you've got a highbrow Ivy League school that still retains its Life Science classes. "It's an anomaly because it still wears all these stripes," Miller said.

Easily the youngest of the Ivy League schools, Cornell is considered one of the best colleges in the country for aspiring hoteliers. "Those guys always arrived at grad day with jobs," said Miller And indeed so has Boothe, though not in the field of study.

And how do they fit?: Slotted as a guard, Boothe will be expected to be a backup. And beyond that, he's a good-looking gamble for the Raiders.

Outlook: A calculated risk, Boothe has no shortage of "upside." He's got the body, the will and the smarts. Now all that needs to be determined is how much football smarts he can absorb and put into practice. Heck, he could even become a starter one day. We'll see.