Another day, another loss

We heard part of the game driving home from work and hoped to watch it at the gym only to discover that they were showing "Stargate Something-or-Other" instead. It wasn't until we were driving home from the gym and heard someone on KNBR talk about phone lines being lit up with angry callers that we knew they had lost.

All things considering, we were kind of glad we missed out this game. Nothing like watching a game in which runners were on base every inning without any of them scoring to bring the pain (seriously, how hard is it to friggin’ hit a fly ball into the outfield to score at least one run?). And nothing like yet another lame-ass pitcher suddenly discovering their inner Clemens to raise the blood pressure.

This road trip, the road trip we thought would be more about the beginning of a glorious playoff run, is actually proving two completely different things about this team. First of all, they really are the even-steven team: win five in a row, lose five in a row. It's pretty uncanny actually. The second thing is that this team truly does play down to it's opponents and nothing proves it more than the motley collection of pitchers who have handcuffed the Gints this road trip. If the Giants were ever to face Clemens or Pedro, we're actually pretty sure they'd hit them. It's only the Kip Wells and Pedro Astacio's who worry us. Hell, if we were signed to a major league contract for a day and faced the Giants for a game with our blazing 45 MPH fastball and patented whiffle ball curve, we're pretty sure we could throw a three hitter.

And you know what? Frankly, we don't really care that much that they lost. We're over it, really. Seriously. For real this time.